Call for Papers

Contributions may be proposed for the ICHC 2021 in the following categories:

  • Paper presentation
  • Poster presentation
  • Workshop

All abstract proposals must be submitted in English, the official language of the event. The acceptable word range for the abstract is 300-500 words. The deadline for submissions is Monday, 5 October 2020. Prospective participants may submit only one proposal for each category.

Papers and Posters

The ICHC 2021 organizers make no scholarly difference between papers and posters. The decision for the format presentation should take into account the nature of the topic and the authors’ preference to engage a larger audience at once or to present their ideas to individuals and small groups. The selection committee may suggest that prospective participants reconsider the format of their presentation.


On Wednesday, July 7, ICHC 2021 will organize a series of workshops for smaller groups of maximum 20 participants. During these workshops, the participants will have the opportunity to engage actively in studying and discussing topics related to the conference themes (from specific maps or mapmakers to conceptual and methodological challenges). The Faculty of History of the University of Bucharest will offer the logistical support for these workshops.

Selection Guidelines 

ICHC 2021 organizers are committed to ensuring a fair and unbiased review process. The following factors will guide the selection committee in their decisions:

The topic: Your proposal should concern a map or group of maps, a mapmaker or group of mapmakers, map consumers, map design, a mapping process or specific theoretical approach to maps and mapping. Please state this topic clearly in the title and again in the opening sentences of the proposal.

The argument and its relevance to the history of cartography: The proposal should help us to understand the creation and use of maps in the past, the process of mapmaking, and/or the underlying concepts of cartography. It should not be merely descriptive but an analysis of the context and/or the contents of the map.

Supporting evidence: Mention some of the specific maps (titles, authors, dates) and other sources that you will discuss. A full list is not necessary, but a demonstration of cartographic research is important.

Originality: Explain how your topic is new to the history of cartography. Your subject matter should not have been previously published. If it has been presented elsewhere, please explain why it should be offered again at this conference.

Clarity: The committee does not have expertise in all chronological periods and/or methods of cartography; its members will represent a variety of disciplines. Your audience is equally varied and international. Please avoid jargon and write in the most direct way possible.

The ICHC 2021 selection committee, which will make the final recommendations, reserves the right to request revisions to the content and format of abstracts before a final decision is made. Proposers will be notified of the outcomes by 25 January 2021.

1 June 2020 – Abstract submission opening

5 October 2020 – Abstract submission deadline

25 January 2021 – Notification of pre-acceptance

15 February 2021 – Open registration

1 June 2021 – Deadline for presenting author registration

You can complete the entire registration process here.

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